The Story so far…

Telana Simpson is turning a single matchstick into an office to help start-up entrepreneurs. She started her trading up journey in 2006, and her story is one of possibility thinking, negotiating, creativity and inspiration. “one matchstick” challenges limiting thinking, our relationship with money and what it means to persevere.

Download a PDF explaining the onematchstick story.Telana offers a keynote talk about one matchstick

Audiences of this keynote talk to date include:

  • Microsoft
  • Joe Public Advertising Agency, South Africa
  • Student Village
  • Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Young Business for South Africa
  • Every Woman
  • Joburg Tweetup
  • Infinity Learning
  • Netweb Event
  • Vega School of Brand Leadership
  • Sekolo sa Borokgo School
  • GASA- Girls Against the Spread of AIDS
  • GIBS – Gordon Institute of Business Science, ‘Women as Leaders’ Programme

This story has been in the media:

  • Radio:  702 Talk Radio, Radio 2000, Highveld Stereo, 5FM
  • Magazines and newspapers, like the Caxton Newspapers, The Citizen,  Brainstorm Magazine

Onematchstick- the movie: