Nicole BurkhardtNicole has immersed herself in study and practice of the healing modalities that have resonated and made sense to her, both with scientific grounding as well as intuitive presence.

Nicole certified as a Bodytalk practitioner 10 years ago and has progressed over the years, working closely with both the physical as well as energetic components of the human body integrating PaRama BodyTalk, Pranic Healing, Breathwork, Sound and KaHuna techniques.

Nicole facilitates sessions which balance with simplicity the energetic nature of the human body by nurturing the spirit of health and vitality into the body and mind with soul.

The sessions have been experienced as shamanic in nature, as the music and sound resonates throughout the conscious and unconscious layers of the bodymind, giving the person an opportunity to go within themselves, creating space from which clarity can arise.

A dance of breath and hands inspires the innate wisdom of the person’s body to intuitively guide the energy where it needs to go, a felt sense of nurturing is present creating a safe space for the body to ‘let go’, with gentle feminine flow.

To support the masculine dynamic, the BodyTalk techniques are integrated with intention throughout the session, and feedback is given after the session to mentally highlight aspects of the persons healing process, promoting a greater understanding of their life’s journey and their relationship between everything!.

A nurturer by heart, Nicole continues to navigate and renew her perspective of balance through her own process of coming to understand what balance is, and looks forward with curiosity, in taking time to connect with you!

Sessions are available in Kyalami, Johannesburg at The Collaborative Healing Centre.

Contact Nicole on 079 517 9581 or nicoleintuitivehealth at gmail dot com