“It is about learning to set boundaries and hoping that the other person will respect them, also in understanding that setting a boundary is all I have control over, how the other person chooses to respond to my boundary will lead me to make the best choice for me.  This in itself has been a big aha moment…

It has also shown me that I have a choice when someone does not respect my boundary, I don’t have to play victim (co-dependency) or the blame game or the “why can’t you think like me” and I don’t have to be afraid. (fear has been a big factor in me being able to voice my wants/needs).

It has taught me that if I don’t like something, to speak up immediately, to think of myself, that I have a voice, that I am important.   I have the assertiveness, confidence, self worth, the right and power to stand up and say. “I am not ok with this” and to take action and to protect myself.

I see it as emotional self-defence…lol…. and I think for all women and especially with my background and culture, this is a very powerful thing to learn and to teach all women, young ladies and little girls and I include men in this too, the world needs more people who take responsibility for their actions/words/feelings/thoughts.

It has helped me to understand that I am not responsible for what the other person thinks/feels/acts/and says and this has helped me to not take it personal (sometimes it is difficult) but I have learnt to not take 100% responsibility onto myself.  By doing this exercise, I think I have also developed some patience and become a little more tolerant of others because not one of us is alike.”

–   Angie Mansour
November 2013

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