“The reason I went on the course (Coaching for Excellence) was that I lacked confidence in myself both in work and social environments. I had a low self-esteem with friends and mistrusted the products of my brain at work. I also feared looking for a new job and being in an interview situation. The result of personal coaching is that I now know that I can deal with any work situation. I feel confident about going for an interview, as I know any employer is lucky to have me. My expectations of myself are more realistic and my success rate at work has been much higher than ever before. In fact, a less confident colleague has labeled me as ‘arrogant’. Not a good thing to be I’m sure, but a great success in my growth! Socially, I have become much more outgoing and have seen much more of my friends than I have in years and they have remarked on the positive change.”

– F. J.

Testimonial about our “Coaching for Excellence” Programme