Consciously Shine Mastermind

For Self Conscious Professionals who want to Speak Up and advance in their Careers

It’s time to stop hiding, and start shining!

Take control of your career, and build a strong foundation in your personal and professional development, by:

  • Overcoming your self consciousness and speaking up like a boss
  • Developing unstoppable confidence, courage and belief in yourself.
  • Becoming intentional about the speaking up in public.
  • Developing the enhancing life skills that will set you up for success, by overcoming fear of failure, having better relationship skills and the ability to master your emotions.
  • Overcoming whatever is holding you back from sharing your opinions!

With Telana Simpson as your Courage Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

Don’t let another year go by being self conscious!

Deal with what needs to be dealt with.  Learn the personal soft skills and mindset that will help you speak up and shine, with ease. Master your fear of sharing your views and feel in charge of where your career is going.  Take action now, with my support, as your courage coach, to guide you through developing positive self consciousness.

You’ll leave this 3 month programme with:

  • Positive Self-consciousness that allows you to speak up
  • More confidence and feeling engaged in meetings
  • Improved people skills to set healthy boundaries and grow relationships (way less drama!)
  • An inner strength, with increased confidence and self esteem
  • A higher EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Developing your Growth Mindset and Optimistic Attitude
  • Nifty techniques to manage your states and attitudes quickly and easily
  • Developing your personal power

Get on the waiting list for this Mastermind Now for these results.

And if you don’t get all that value – I’ll give you your money back! That’s how sure I am that if you show up and participate, that you’ll be consciously (as in intentionally with skill!) shining in your career.

Why Mastermind & Coaching Sessions?

This Mastermind & Group Coaching format is a creative way to make Courage Coaching more accessible to you. At the same time it’s also a way that you get sufficient personal attention and you get to meet like minded people and learn from interacting with them in a group format.

This 3 month online programme consists of:

  • Replays of the “Courage to speak up like a boss” 5 day Challenge if you miss it (Dates TBC for 2024)

  • 6 Module Online Course “Overcome Self Consciousness” which covers the self esteem aspect of positive self consciousness, including my “Consciously Shine” ebook (for you to work through in your own time)
  • 2 hour group coaching session on zoom, live to discuss the online course and ebook

  • 2 Hour Training and Group Coaching session to learn about the personal power aspect

  • Two x 1 hour group coaching sessions with me for accountability and follow up questions

  • Access to the private WhatsApp group only for this mastermind, for community and learning from others
  • Manuals, podcasts, videos and plenty of resources to support you.

With the element of masterminding, you participate and practice, creating a community of supportive colleagues who brainstorm together to move you and the others in the group to new heights. You’ll gain tremendous insights as your mastermind group is like having an objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group, all rolled into one.

There is an option to add on private sessions with me to further ensure you deal with those issues unique to you, so you get the benefit of personal focused attention to consciously shine!

Make the time to invest in yourself

Start Date: date for 2024 to be confirmed.

Times: Group sessions will be on zoom on a week day night, 19h00.

Venue: Zoom – all sessions will be online, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

Next Step

Get on the waiting list now to be the first to hear when the dates are confirmed, and have first option to sign up.

Investment: The value of the entire programme of 6 hours live with me, Telana, online course, ebook, unlimited support on WhatsApp group and email is R7721.00.
And to support you, I’ll probably be offering a special deal to those on the waiting list

What others say

This is a fabulous way to grow and develop and meet like minded people! But don’t take just my word for it- here is what others have said after being through coaching with me:

  • “A fantastic, great, discovering journey with a lot of highs and new energy. I feel empowered and revitalised.”
  • “It was a journey of self discovery that opened my mind.”
  • “Emotional, enlightening, invaluable.”
  • “It was quite challenging to establish what the issues were and how to go about resolving them but Telana’s enthusiasm made it a very satisfying, fun and ultimately successful experience.”
  • “An absolutely ground breaking method of drawing out the best and challenging weak areas of myself. Allowing me to achieve my full potential and at the same time giving me the ability to check up on myself constantly without supervision.”
  • “Life changing. The Neuro-Semantic model in itself is astounding and Inner Coaching definitely does it justice by introducing the right mix of personal & intimate delivery, facilitation & academic teachings, making it relevant, understandable & highly practical, with the use of real-life scenarios.”

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