Busting the Self ESteem Myth like bursting bubbles

Busting the myth like bursting bubbles

Telana is on a Mission to bust this big Myth that we’ve been conditioned to believe about how to define our sense of self worth. From her extensive coaching experience and research, she has found how to explain that if we want to successfully dream big, takes steps towards our goals, go for the promotion, speak up in meetings, deal with conflict, handle family matters, run a business, and even find love, busting this myth is the difference that makes all the difference. It also sets a foundation to raise children with a healthy self esteem.

Have the way you think about your self worth and contribution to work and the world, flipped on its head, and encounter a different experience of life, feeling freer to be yourself and not live a life of anxiety and regrets.

Telana is sharing this message with everyone: in every classroom, boardroom and bedroom. Is yours next?

Business Keynote Talk Variations:

This myth around self esteem shows up in the corporate and business world.  Variations of this keynote include:

  • How to Reject Rejectionmore info here.
  • The Magical Gold Dust of Sisterhood
    From the “Pull her Down” Syndrome to celebrating women (aimed at women in business).
  • What CEO’s are afraid of  – Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome . . .  more info here.
  • Why we battle to self promote–  The Neuro-Semantics of Effective Networking Skills.

Some audiences to date include:


“Before your talk (“How to Reject Rejection”) I found it hard to do cold calling due to the amount of rejection. I used to take rejection so personally that I sometimes couldn’t even continue making calls after what I considered a harsh rejection which impacted on my targets. After your talk, I have learned to brush rejection aside and carry on doing my job. It has given me so much confidence that I am now starting to double the number of cold calls I make in a week. I would definitely recommend your services to colleagues and friends. ”
– Thulani Cele, Business Development Executive at Songhai Corporate Travel

Talk at the Sisterhood High Tea EventAbout busting the biggest myth around self esteem