Do you need help with setting goals? And then reaching them?

Getting clear on what we want, then formulating them as goals, and working on how to realise our goals, is a key part to being successful.

Be one of the few who are intentional about reaching your dreams, and turn those intentions into achievable goals.  And then go the next step too and work out the steps and actions to take.  And then take the first step.

Accountability Partner

Accountability means being answerable to someone or something.  You are held to your words and encouraged to live them, by being obliged to account for your actions and accept responsibility for them.

Sometimes when we are working on our goals, we benefit from having an Accountability Partner.  This is someone who checks in with us on a regular basis to hear how we are doing with reaching our goals:

  • What have we done?
  • Are we making progress?
  • What are the next steps?

I, Telana, am such a Partner.  My talent for listening and supporting my unique and diverse clients is balanced with my ability to stretch them, hold them accountable and to successfully empower them to achieve exceptional results.

And Coaching is an ideal relationship within which to be held accountable.

Accountability Coaching Options

Let’s Make It Happen Circle –

An Accountability Circle with others to learn from them and be supported by like minded intentional people!

Circles usually meet once a month in person in Johannesburg OR online. Registration will open soon, so contact me!

In each session:

  • You’ll check in with your goals
  • You’ll set actions to focus on for the next month
  • I’ll share a new idea / resource / tool / learning /guest speaker / book for your inspiration and growth!

Benefits for you:

  • make supportive friends and learn the skill of buddy coaching
  • learn from the experience of others, and get more input
  • keep focused
  • keep stretching yourself and growing with new ideas and strategies

[DOWNLOAD] – PDF about the previous Make it Happen Circle Master Mind Group


Private sessions –

A suggested prerequisite is the 2 hour Goal Setting Strategy Session to that you know what you want, and how you’ll measure your success.

Then the one-on-one Accountability Coaching Sessions are short sessions to:Lets make it happen

  • Hold you accountable to reaching your goals for the year or for a specific project
  • Check-in with what you’ve done to date
  • Help to identify the next steps
  • Keep you focused and inspired!

The Sessions are:

  • held over Zoom, so saves you on travel time and costs!
  • 30 mins or an hour.
  • held as frequently as you feel you need and want, e.g 30 minutes every month or an hour every 2 or 3 months .
  • during office hours at scheduled times agreed upon.
  • private one-on-one sessions

Next Step:

Contact me to find out more and sign up for Accountability Coaching, and then we’ll discuss how we’re going to celebrate you achieving your goals!