[be bold] because greatness never comes from comfort zones.

Start your journey to [be bold] today!

This is a voyage to move you from the space of procrastination, analysis-paralysis and fear, to your way of living more courageously and on purpose.

If you lack focus, or don’t keep the promises you make to yourself, or over think things so much that you never act, or keep giving in to fear and playing small, then this is the programme for you.

It is also for you if you want an accountability partner, but haven’t found one yet.  It’s for you to measure your results and make progress towards living your life more courageously.  It is for you to stay motivated and keep taking the next best bold step towards your goals.

[be bold] is for those goal-setters, like you, who know what needs to be done and want a structure to encourage you to do it, to follow through on your plans and to make your goals into a reality. 

It’s time to overcome the fear, or the habit of procrastination, that leads you to put things off to ‘another day’. It’s time to rather become the person who gets things done.  You will boldly be active in creating a life you will love, living and loving courageously and wholeheartedly.

[be bold] is about focusing on the one next step for the next week, every week, for a year.

If you have already decided that this is the year to be bolder and make sh1t happen, then this is the journey for you.

No more putting off.  No more diddle-daddling.  It’s time for more focus on making healthy, courageous choices that add boldness and being brave to your life.

Who’s your Accountability Partner?

I’m Telana, and I’ll be your Accountability Partner and Courage Coach for the next 52 weeks.

I’ve been coaching in my private practice for 2 decades, and grown from a timid, quiet person hiding in the shadows, to being confident in speaking to hundreds from a stage, running online conferences and master classes, and achieving my goals. 

And I endeavour to live courageously every day – loving and leading with integrity and confidence, offering my best as boldly as I can.

I’ve been focusing on accountability offerings for a few years now, and I believe that I am great accountability partner for you, if you just show up and do your part.  I’ve offered other accountability programmes, and this is my newest programme, and most exciting one yet!

So if you are ready, and serious about facing your fears and fostering your courage, then it’s time for you to [be bold], with me at your side cheering you on and holding you accountable.

More about this Accountability Programme

This programme is not:

  • Long lessons – it’s not a training.
  • Group sessions – no chatting to others in a community, no distractions or noise.
  • No calls, WhatsApp’s, or meet ups.

[be bold] is only:

  • One email every Friday from me. It will be a very distinct, intentional and to the point email, that won’t demand a lot of your time.  And it will include a very brief note to share a nugget of useful info, or something to inspire you).
  • A weekly opportunity to work ON your life and goals, (not just in it, running in the rat race and wondering at the end of the year where the time went.)

The idea is, as your accountability partner, I offer you a weekly check-in where you:

  • Measure your progress
  • Plan and keep focused on just one week ahead, within your bigger picture of your goals.
  • Have the chance to off load, do a brain dump and even celebrate the small wins along the way.

What it takes from you?


You just need to show up once a week in your email, and it should take you only ten minutes to hit reply and answer my few questions, and thereby do the work that being accountable to me requires, so that you get the results you want.


It’s time to be real with yourself, and stop bullsh1tting your way through your life. It’s time to be truthful so that you can take control of your life, courageously and enthusiastically, and make the changes that will make all the difference to the quality of your year, and your life ahead.


You’ll be cultivating your courage and showing your willingness to take risks, and build your confidence and grit as you do. So let’s [be bold]. You commit to show up and I will hold you accountable, through one email every Friday for a year, that encourages you to find focus, take bold action and create a life you will love.

How this Accountability Programme works:

When you join, I will send you a welcome email with specifics.  We’re taking January to decide on what our ‘more bold’ for 2024 will be.  That is, we will be deciding what our goals are for the year (if you need help, join my free one courageous goal challenge starting on 21st January).

Then you’ll get a new email every week, on a Friday morning, (starting from February 2024) from me – for the next 52 weeks. Each email will have a nugget of inspiration or some food for thought around living courageously and taking bold action. And then the three accountability questions.

Because you are committed (financially and with your decision to [be bold] and intentional about reaching your goals this year) you will hit reply and – within 10 minutes- you would have done the work of being accountable to achieving your dreams, and sent it to me, your accountability partner.

Then you’ll get one reply from me, as you get on with your week, taking those actions and living courageously.

Why this type of accountability works

I’ve seen how this structure works wonders with my private clients in their accountability programmes, as they get what they say they want to do, done!  It’s because you:

  1. get to measure and count what you achieved in the last week;
  2. get to set your intentions and specific To Do’s for the week ahead; and
  3. get anything else off your chest that helps you move forward – onward and upward.

Plus because you know I am expecting your email, you are for sure going to do something productive each week as I will be holding you accountable. And we keep everything confidential, simple, and laser focused.

“Part of the magic of [working with Telana] is the accountability sessions that help you stay focused through the ups and downs and distractions of the year. Telana has a lovely way of helping you to celebrate your progress (which we sometimes have a tendency to downplay) while still being willing to have the tough conversations to help you re-align/re-prioritise when needed. I was personally surprised by the value the accountability sessions added to my self-awareness, momentum and enjoyment of the goal journey. I highly recommend working with Telana if you have big dreams that you want to achieve!”

– Shanel, Corporate Professional, January 2024

“I highly recommend setting One Courageous Goal programme offered by Telana. This is because it offers clarity in your mind about what steps you need to take to achieve your set goal. Combining this with monthly accountably sessions helps you keep track of steps taken so far, accepting life challenges that happen that you do not have control over, which then encourages you to be flexible in your approach to life and reprioritise tasks that still need to be taken in order for your goal to still be realised. Reflecting back at the end of the year shows you how much you have grown. Isn’t life all about growth? 🤩”

– Malebo Legong, Entrepreneur, January 2024

The cost

Living the quality of life that you know is possible for you (if you just focus and put in the effort) is priceless.  And hiring me for private coaching and accountability for a year, would be in the range of R20k and upwards.

This is going to be different.  For this Programme, because of the way it is structured, and because I am offering it at a launch price (never to be repeated again), it is a once off payment of R997. This is an upfront, once off, and non-refundable investment into you living courageously.

I’m offering this affordable price so that you can get the quality, bare-bones accountability you need because you know it is only support you need at this time.  And for some, it offers a way to get to know me for when you might be ready for one of my more in-depth, private coaching or training programmes.

Plus it’s simple – it is just 52 emails that you respond to, over one year. Nothing else.

The START date is February 2024. So let’s get you signed up today.

“Through having accountability sessions, I been able to observe from me and others the principles learned from my coaching sessions. For example the concept of Remote Control has made me be aware and pay attention when I behaved like that, record it and bring it back to share in the accountability sessions.   These sessions impacted me by raising my awareness and helped me navigate easily through my personal and professional life. I have been able to progress personally by making firm decisions which have led to growth personally and professionally. My career has progressed through a recent promotion and business prosperity. The value of this process has come through by being aware and conscious of my actions and the impact they have in either taking me closer or further away from my goals and the ability to change course where required towards my goals.”
– MB, Corporate Professional, January 2024
“Exceptional and empowering.”
– Chuene Ramphele, Manager Business Development, Development Bank of Southern Africa
“I thought it was so much easier to set myself a goal and stick with it, no wonder I always failed in the past. I never considered having an accountability partner, it’s such a great motivator. Telana, I thought you were exceptional as a coach… You obviously have exceptional knowledge in your subject and have such an infectious way of sharing it.”
– Colette Price, Bookkeeper, 2023

Seize the opportunity to transform your life, rewriting your story as a bold, courageous, and high-achieving individual. Don’t settle for mediocrity when greatness awaits.

[be bold] – Because greatness never comes from comfort zones.

Start your transformative journey with me, today!

“Working with Telana really allowed me to accelerate my personal growth in ways I had not expected. I found her to be reflective, practical and supportive. I had breakthroughs about myself which I believe helped me to understand myself better and remove all the barriers that were in my way. The clarity and tools she provided were exactly what I needed to make the changes and reach my goals.”
MJ, Consultant at Diallo SK
“I would describe Telana as a unique, informed, soft and highly confident person. She demonstrates her work in her being. At face value one can wonder how she would be of assistance but as she walks the path with you all the puzzle pieces are able to project the actual picture of her capability and talent. Thank you very much Telana for allowing me the opportunity to gain myself, for helping me in discovering and opening all the doors which I had closed on my potential, capability and talent.”
– Siphesihle Dhlamini, Senior Manager
“Telana is not a Fairy God Mother with a magic wand, if you want the changes you have to put in the work and it’s continuous journey and the sessions have equipped me with the necessary tools for my journey.  My experience was incredible even though there were some challenging moments, Telana reassured me that everything I am feeling is normal and she was there cheering me on and offering me support.”
– TK