Here are some ways that you can learn about courage, how to have difficult conversations, and get inspired to be more courageous in your life, that are complimentary.

They are a good way to also get to know me, if you are looking for a coach and thinking of hiring me as your Courage Coach.

1. Free Guide: 7 Top Tips for more Courageous Conversations

In this guide I share my top, most useful tips that you can start using immediately, to help you have those difficult conversations. I call those conversations that are scary to have because they can change things, Courageous Conversations. And because the change can be good if done well, or bad if poorly managed, these are the important conversations that really count in our lives.  So grab your guide, and start having them with more grace, skill and confidence.

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2. Free Challenge: one Courageous Goal for 2024

Join me for a week of training via zoom, where we review last year for learnings, set our intention for this year, and then break it into goals and an action plan with accountability structures factored in, so that we are most likely to achieve those goals, AND have fun doing this goal setting process.

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3. Free Podcast: Let’s Talk Courageous Communication

We learn from experts around the world, on aspects of how to communication more courageously and effectively, so that we can have the important difficult conversations that can – and will (if we have them!) – make our lives better.

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4. Free Facebook Group:  the Courage Circle

In this Courage Circle we believe that we can change and improve our worlds, one courageous conversation at a time. We will grow our gumption and learn the skills to have difficult conversations consciously, gracefully, and effectively. We will cultivate our courage so that we take brave actions in our lives – be that speaking up, being seen, or starting something creative or entrepreneurial. We’re overcoming the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, or the fear of being seen, so that we can live a life we love, and contribute more to the world.

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