The Biggest Myth about Self Esteem

One woman’s Mission to bust this big Myth, & improve people’s experience of life

Telana Simpson, a Personal Coach, has found in her ten years experience that the biggest difference in her clients life is when they blow out the myth of Self Esteem that they’ve been conditioned to believe.

“Knowing that this idea continuously has such a positive impact for my clients, I want to make it more accessible to as many people who will listen to me” says Simpson, believing that the distinction between Self Esteem and Self Confidence is key to a fulfilling life and healthy community.

Having studied the cognitive behavioural sciences, and been applying this critical distinction in her own life and those of her varied clients (from CEO’s to Home Executives), she has found that this is the difference that makes all the difference in how we set goals, takes steps towards our dreams, go for the promotion, deal with conflict, speak up in meetings, handle family matters, find love, run a business, raise children etc.

“We’ve been so bombarded with messages around our value from our past, from parents, from school, from advertising, that we’ve become accustomed to make our sense of worth conditional, and then we feel threatened each time something goes wrong or fails. This simple idea flips this conditioning on its head, and people have a different experience of life, feeling freer to be themselves and contribute to the world” explains Simpson. “And I want to share it with everyone: in every classroom, boardroom and bedroom.  I’ll keep coming up with creative ways to get the message out.”

In a ten minute discussion up to a two hour workshop, coaching session or talk, Simpson is helping individuals and groups to dispel this myth in their lives, and go on to enjoy adding value to society.


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