Rumisha's testimonial about Coaching“From my coaching I specifically gained an overall evaluation and insight of what was holding me back to reach ultimate goals. Telana has assisted me to explore ways to prevent limitations and experience living in the moment more. She is vibrant, energetic and so dedicated to her role. She inspires and finds ways to assist you to overcome the challenge you are faced with. I found Telana extremely knowledgeable about the content she discussed through each session. She is a person who empowers people to be greater than they are.


The coaching gives you an opportunity to monitor and watch your progress and is a “hands on” process which deals with an individual’s development area. I found myself learning new things after each session and once I implemented the guidelines I witnessed immediate results. It exceeded my expectations as I have attained the goals I set out before the coaching.


Thank you Telana for the amazing experience. I am so much more confident. I am speaking publically more often, you have reinstated the value I thought I lost in myself. I cannot repay you for the self belief you have restored in my personal and corporate life.


My recommendation to others considering coaching is to go for it. The only thing holding you back is your own fear to become a better individual.”



– Rumisha Motilal
May 2015



Testimonial about the Live Coaching Programme