Ntombi’s Testimonial

"I saw the post from someone on twitter about the challenge and Its something I needed . I had 2 surgical procedures 3 months apart due to Endometriosis. That really affected my self confidence and caused me so much anxiety. Attending the sessions helped me so much that I challenged myself to approach someone who will help me with the business idea I had but was scared to start. I have definitely told my friends about Telana." – Ntombi, Electrical Engineering Industry April 2021 about the Courage to Speak up like a Boss Challenge 2021

Colette’s Testimonial

“Many thanks for the challenge Telana, I learned a great deal about myself and goal setting. I thought it was so much easier to set myself a goal and stick with it, no wonder I always failed in the past. I never considered having an accountability partner, it’s such a great motivator. Telana, I thought you were exceptional as a coach. You obviously love your subject too! You were warm and friendly and made me feel at home, yet direct and firm guiding the group from not wandering off the subject. You obviously have exceptional knowledge in your subject and [...]

Stuart Dilworth’s testimonial

“Telana is a gifted trainer who imparts her knowledge in a casual, friendly, and personal manner in the language and with examples that relate to the circumstances to make the course easier to understand. Her impact on me throughout the course through her understanding of the human psych has been positive, informative and empowering. Bravery school has been and eye opener. Without any understanding of the psychological elements that have affected me in my own journey through life I always thought I was strong, self sufficient and unhindered by my thought processes. Having done the course, I now realise how [...]

Shanel’s Testimonial about Bravery School

WhatsApp messages from Shanel, Corporate Professional, about Bravery School Membership: "Thank you for creating and holding this space for my awareness and growth. I appreciate you!” - November 2021

Shanel’s Testimonial

“Hey Telana….I finally got to listen to the first day recording which I absolutely loved! I know you and I did a lot of work a few years back which really transformed and helped me. I think it’s always great to get a refresher and reminder of some of the things I’ve forgotten as well as deepen the neuro-pathways of my new beliefs (because sometimes I do fall back into old easy patterns of behaviour!).  Thank you so much for making this valuable, life-changing content available. - Voice note from Shanel, Corporate Professional, April 2021 regarding the Courage to Speak [...]

Maketi’s Testimonial

"I personally learned a lot and was very much encouraged to see that I am not alone. Different age groups from different races sweating to learn ,Change and grow. I am really impressed 💕.  Telana is very professional and passionate about the training and answers every single question with ease. The extra mile she went to get us more speakers just to help us grow shows how a gentle Woman she is, Power Woman. I salute her." - Maketi Matlala, Participant in April 2021's Courage to Speak up like a Boss Challenge, with the below follow up message in January [...]

Koketso’s Testimonial

"One thing I loved the most about Telana was her selflessness and going above and beyond for us. She really educates you to understand and so that you can be able to make changes all on your own even when you done with her classes. She makes no person to feel like they are less of a person instead she'll cheer for you to feel good about yourself more." - Koketso Modiroa, April 2021 about the Courage to Speak up like a Boss Challenge 2021

Marie’s thoughts

Marie shared on Facebook the value she got from the interview on 702, where Telana shared about how and why to love your job. (22 March 2022)

Sevarian’s Testimonial

“Bravery School has impacted my life in a very positive way and I can highly recommend these sessions with Telana. I was a bit nervous going into the sessions but quickly found out that these are all normal everyday people that have been feeling the same way that I have. It has been great to have a platform and safe space to be able to share and learn and realizing there's no such thing as a stupid question. I love the interaction with everyone, this has really changed my life.” - Sevarian, Store Manager, January 2022 about Bravery School

Stuart’s voicenote Testimonial

“Hi Telana. A huge shout out to you. I’ve been involved in a hectic campaign to get things produced and been involved, emotionally, physically and mentally involved with drawbacks at every corner, and honestly without your course I would have lost my shit a long time ago… And you may quote me on this, write it down, whatever you want, but this is the truth. Your course has helped me so much just with understanding, and also this Imposter Syndrome thing, which I never thought I was never really a part of. There’s been a particular part of this and [...]

Sarah’s Testimonial about Bravery School

“Hi T, thank you! We are learning so much from you! So very interesting and very helpful.” - Sarah, Graphic Designer, September 2021 about Bravery School

Adam R.’s Testimonial

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your passion and commitment. You really have a knack of explaining something that is really quite complex in a simple and straight forward manner. You have made such a positive impact on the way I see myself. Thank you. Have a safe and sane festive break and I look forward to more personal improvement next year.”  - Adam R. Corporate Professional, December 2021 about Bravery School

Natasha’s further testimonial

“Dear Telana, I hope you are well. …I would just like to thank you as always for reminding me of my self worth and that I am in control of how I feel and think about things. Thank you for giving me the chance to be courageous. I really do appreciate it. May your Bravery School be blessed as I have been through it. Regards, Natasha” - Natasha, November 2021 about Bravery School

Monique’s WhatsApp message

Boyfriend: "You are amazing. I don't know what classes you do upstairs but they seem to make you more bolder and more comfortable with your own skin and I LOVE that because it means I'm not dating someone without a backbone who isn't prepared to counte back for conversations and discussions" Monique: "Haha upstairs?" Boyfriend: "The classes you do on a night in the week" Monique: "oh Telana's classes"   - Monique, Business Owner, November 2021 about the benefits seen from Bravery School's classes

Stuart’s WhatsApp message

“Thank you Telana, while you get that chance to breath again…dream BIG. Thank you for your care, consideration, experience, expertise and knowledge that you have been imparting in such a relaxed and thought(ful) way.  You and Inner Coaching have been a highlight of 2021” - Stuart- Business Owner, October 2021, about Bravery School