“Telana is a gifted trainer who imparts her knowledge in a casual, friendly, and personal manner in the language and with examples that relate to the circumstances to make the course easier to understand. Her impact on me throughout the course through her understanding of the human psych has been positive, informative and empowering.
Bravery school has been and eye opener. Without any understanding of the psychological elements that have affected me in my own journey through life I always thought I was strong, self sufficient and unhindered by my thought processes. Having done the course, I now realise how dysfunctional I have been. Through Bravery school I can now identify negative thoughts, understand them, stop them and act in a beneficial and optimal manner for ME based on my values, goals and worth.
The result has been a better understanding of my self esteem and a higher value added to society.”

Stuart Dilworth, Owner, Propsign
January 2022 (about Bravery School Membership)

Here was his earlier voicenote about Bravery School