Written by Paul John Myburgh

We humans don’t learn the easy way, we learn only by the actual experience of life . . . there are no short cuts and there is no free lunch.  Each Soul must walk each step of the way entirely out of themselves, in their own activity and out of their own free will.  When we follow anything to its end and we come to its opposite . . . it is only in darkness that we will know the nature of light, only in falling will we know what it means to stand.  And that is essentially what humanity must do . . . stand! . . . stand correctly on the earth.

In a sense it is appropriate that we have become separated from our own divinity.  In our fallen state we see the consequences of this disconnection, and in freedom we must choose to ascend, and stand as we must between heaven and earth.

When one looks at oneself and the great mass of humanity, you see how many know and how many have no clue, and how many purport to know.  And when you see how much work has still to be done, you can only turn to yourself and think, ok. What can I do? And what DO I do? Not, what do I say I abstractly and conceptually intend to do, but what do I actually do?

How much of what I think and say is a part of my daily activity . . . my doing?


About the Author:

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Paul John Myburgh is a multiple award winning documentary film maker, anthropologist and author of the recently published book, “The Bushman Winter Has Come“.  This book reveals the life lessons from seven years of his life spent living amongst the Kalahari Bushmen . . . a life which has been a study of the human journey between heaven and earth, an immersion into what it means to be human.
Paul offers talks to groups and one-on-one breakthrough sessions.