The Confidence Mindset – MASTERCLASS

Date: Tuesday 21 February 2023
Confidence Mindset
Time: 19h00 to 20h30
Venue: Bravery School – ONLINE via Zoom
Investment: R590.00
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As a professional we sometimes feel uncertain about ourselves and our abilities. If we experience a set back or negative criticism, we can take a knock to our self esteem. Our confidence may feel worn-out, and we hold ourselves back in our careers.

There is a mindset that we can learn to adopt that helps us take every opportunity that comes our way, not fearing failure, and enjoying the learning opportunities.

And this is linked to developing our self confidence and gaining a strong, robust self esteem.

By developing the mindset that promotes our confidence, we can advance in our careers in a healthy and enjoyable way.

Join Courage Coach Telana in this Masterclass to learn the key elements to choosing and developing this Confidence Mindset.

Learning outcomes

  • What makes up our mindsets and how they impact our experience of the world and work.
  • Explain the difference and distinction of self esteem and self confidence and how it relates to defining yourself and then achieving in your career
  • Assess and describe if your self esteem is conditional or not, and identify how to change it and why to change it
  • Identify and demonstrate how to delink self worth from performance and others’ opinions and define yourself in a healthy, constructive way to overcome the fear of failure
  • Describe the inside-out focus or flow of self expression, resulting in distinctions in your roles at work and who you are at your core
  • Identify your mindset and how to enhance it to the more useful one that helps be more successful in careers and in life in general
  • Apply new learning’s to work situations
  • Have an action plan ready to implement.


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