I came across this word in a wonderful movie “The holiday” – but more about that in a future article.

It’s just a great word to bring into our vocabulary as we endeavour to be more courageous with our communication.

We’re aiming to develop more gumption to fully express ourselves, so that we have no regrets later on in life.

Gumption has been around in the English language since the early 1700’s, and it referred in those days to having common sense or intelligence, especially when it was apparent in someone with high levels of energy. The term has morphed over the years, to be more about ambition and tenacity in the late 1800’s, and now today it’s a synonym for ‘get-up-and-go’ or ‘courage’ (one of our favourite word’s in the Courage Circle 😊).

The Collin’s Dictionary says that “if someone has the gumption to do something, they are brave enough to do it.”

And I enjoy the Dictionary.com’s explanation, which includes the qualities of initiative, resourcefulness, shrewdness, guts and spunk!

So here’s to us growing our gumption to actively speak up, from a bolder more self-expressed place.

CHALLENGE: See how often you can use the word gumption this week, and let me know!

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