Reading this article, there is an interesting intersection of these three aspects of our emotional landscape, being our fear, our courage and love.  Here is how the author summed it up:

Instinct doesn’t care if you are happy. You need to violate your instincts if you want to build a better, less fearful life.

So stand up to your amygdala. Walk toward your fear. Face it, feel it, and love courageously.

The author, Arthur Brooks, explains how our brain functions with fear and love, and how isolation in this lockdown and climate of fear and hostility, is not helping us.

…less love equals more fear. To reduce fear, we need to bring more love into our lives.

Arthur then suggests 4 types of courageous conversations to have, as an approach to bring more love into our lives.

  1. Tell someone you trust about your fear
  2. Tell someone who you don’t normally tell, that you love them
  3. Take a risk and tell someone you admire or love them, or would like to be friends.
  4. Love your enemies, stay away from attacking anyone about differences in opinions.

ACTION: If you would like more love and less fear in your life, try one of the 4 conversations.

Full reference article here:


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