To live the life of our dreams, a key strategy is to know and focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want.

“Energy flows where attention goes, as governed by intention.”

That’s a principle underlying Neuro-Semantics, and much of achievement in life.

The trick is to work out what we want, and then to focus our attention on that. Instead of expending our energy on what we are trying to avoid, we should be directing it into creating what we want more of.

That’s why this “petition” has my support, and is worth a few minutes thought. does some important work in this world, guiding millions of people’s attention to critical issues, and getting quick support to influence change.

And now they are suggesting a direction for thoughts to their 40-million-person global campaign network, to focus more on what we need in this world by placing our attention on and living by three basic principles.

As the founder of Avaaz, Ricken Patel says in his email:

“Each of our capacities to create the world we dream of depends on our own journey, from fear to love, towards believing in ourselves, and leaving our demons behind.

We’ve come together as a community hundreds of times in campaigns, and created magic. At this most reflective time of a new year, let’s come together around this, most important campaign of all – the campaign for ourselves, to “be the change we wish to see” – for us, and for all the people we love and the planet we call home.”

The principles that we need to live by, and which are much needed in the world today, are:

1. Show Kindness and Respect
2. Strive for Wisdom
3. Practice Gratitude

Read more about these points and check the petition out here, and tweet me your thoughts on this use of petitions.


About the Author:

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