“Assuming you too believe your life is about a journey of growing yourself closer to serving God (or truth or the positive powers of the universe as may see it). Personal coaching is a way to share a part of that personal journey with a special someone. Coaching helps reveal you to better ways you may serve all you love in already discovered ways and in new ways too. It is fun, it unleashes creative and spiritual energy and it’s exhilarating and liberating to deliberately concentrate on building your inner strength.  Choose a special someone you can trust, who is not afraid to challenge you and who is dedicated and skilled in sharing new ways of learning to help you a few steps of the way and who can enjoy a part of your journey with you.  A journey calls for bravery and what you seek in coaching is truly what you will receive.  Coaching is an opportunity – an open door leading to a potential million more in an infinite universe of personal discovery.”

– Julie Clarke
Environmental Analyst, Development Bank of South Africa
June 2018

(About the ‘[be real]’ Coaching Programme)