This message is one of the few on instagram that really hit home for me, and has inspired me. Does it inspire you too?  Have a quick listen:

“If those two people are happy with the way you lived your life… It means that you did everything right” – @desireforwealth

I find these words so profound – as it really made me think about these two people desireforweath refers to.

Our 8 year old self is the first person we should consider.  That version of ourself has all our dreams and hopes and optimism for our life intact.  That younger self is the one we need to consult when we feel lost, as they will give us a sense of our purpose and vision.

And then our 80 year old version of ourself is the other person. S/he will guide us to know what it means for us to live our life to the full.

We need to live our own lives, and hopefully fulfil the dreams of our younger self, and have no regrets as our older 80 year old version of ourself.

Are you on track and making decisions now to live your best life, whole heartedly, for you?

If not, contact me to see if I can help you courageously reach for your dreams, and have no regrets in life.

[be you]