We each have a unique view of reality, and that view can also be called our perception.

Each of us has a very different perception of the world – of reality – based on how we were brought up, the people we learnt from in life, the experiences life sent our way, the type of school we went to, historical events we lived through etc.  (I call these our “filters”).

We each end up with a very different way of perceiving. And this is important to remember, because our perception of the world influences how we see it, and how we then react to it.

I talk often about our filters – they are like the glasses we wear that filters out certain bits of information, and allows other bits in, which effects what we see.

Think of the difference a scene looks to you when you wear rosy coloured glasses, vs. dark glasses, vs. clear glass glasses.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains a lot too about these “filters” in his fascinating work – but for now, we’ll just get a sense of how they impact our subconscious, and how that enhances or sabotages our behaviour.

Here’s a short snippet (on Facebook) from his book “Spontaneous Evolution” – Our Positive Future (And A Way To Get There From Here).  (If you’d prefer his article in a PDF format, let me know and I’ll email it to you)

Q: What “colour” are your specific lenses that you are using towards difficult conversations? That is, what is your perception of them that influences how you behave during them?

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