My home studio

I was in the hot seat recently to share about conversations that count, and how to have them constructively. And it was fun!

This is my home podcast studio, in my new(ish) office, just before being interviewed by Naomi Estment for her “Brand Stars” live stream.

I moved around my office so that I could use the light from the window, a tip I learnt from Naomi and her courses to ‘rock that lens‘.

Mixit, my dog

Little Mixit (one of my dogs) even came to inspect my studio, and seemed to approve :)

Our conversation was about ‘Podcasting and Potential’ and it was a great conversation packed with titbits to grow your podcast, and your potential in relation to communicating and being more courageous.

I also shared a personal story about a conversation that counted to me, and what helped me have that tough conversation.

Here’s the podcast:

This special recorded LIVE session, hosted by Naomi Estment, with courage coach, author and podcaster Telana Simpson, is packed with insider tips on how to host successful podcasts, be a great podcast guest, tap into the power of conversations that count, be brave, shine more brightly and live the life you love!

For more info about Naomi Estment see her website here or her YouTube Channel.