If you need a boost in your self-belief, just listen to Ted Lasso:



“Belief doesn’t just happen because you hang something on a wall.

It comes from in here [he points to his heart], and up here [his head] and down here [his gut].

The only problem is, we’ve all got so much junk floatin’ through us, a lot of times we end up gettin’ in our own way. Crap like envy, or fear, shame.

I don’t wanna mess around with that shit anymore, know what I mean? Do you?

You know what I wanna mess around with? The belief that I matter, regardless of what I do or don’t achieve. Or the belief that we all deserve to be loved, whether we’ve been hurt or maybe we hurt somebody else. Or what about the belief of hope? That’s what I want to mess with.

Believing that things can get better — that I can get better. That we will get better.

You believe in yourself, you believe in one another — that’s fundamental to being alive.

If you can do that — if each of you can truly do that — can’t nobody rip that apart.”

Ted Lasso, “Signs” Season 3 Episode 5