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For self-conscious professionals to shine in their careers.
Dates: 8 to 12 May 2023

  • Do you hate being in the spotlight?
  • And having everyone’s attention on you?
  • Are you being overlooked for promotions due to you being too quiet in meetings, from shyness or blushing?

Then learn this one change in mindset about the Spotlight Effect that will turn this around!

You will become more confident and courageous in speaking up in meetings, with more ease and less discomfort and embarrassment!

Introducing your Challenge Coach: Telana Simpson

I’m Telana. Personally, I have overcome my extreme blushing and self-consciousness. I would love to show you how to practically do the same!

I have nearly 2 decades of experience in coaching and teaching others to become more courageous in their conversations – to speak up and shine, especially at work.

Performance anxiety and being self conscious, are areas I specialise in.
Learn more about me here.


For more testimonials about my coaching and training: click here.

“One thing I loved the most about Telana was her selflessness and going above and beyond for us. She really educates you to understand and so that you can be able to make changes all on your own even when you done with her classes. She makes no person to feel like they are less of a person instead she’ll cheer for you to feel good about yourself more.”
– Koketso Modiroa, Participant in last year’s Challenge in April 2021.

“I personally learned a lot and was very much encouraged to see that I am not alone. Different age groups from different races sweating to learn ,Change and grow. I am really impressed 💕.  Telana is very professional and passionate about the training and answers every single question with ease. The extra mile she went to get us more speakers just to help us grow shows how a gentle Woman she is, Power Woman. I salute her.”
– Maketi Matlala, Participant in last year’s Challenge in April 2021, with the below follow up message in January 2022:

“Hey Telana….I finally got to listen to the first day recording which I absolutely loved! I know you and I did a lot of work a few years back which really transformed and helped me. I think it’s always great to get a refresher and reminder of some of the things I’ve forgotten as well as deepen the neuro-pathways of my new beliefs (because sometimes I do fall back into old easy patterns of behaviour!).  Thank you so much for making this valuable, life-changing content available.”
– Voice note from Shanel, Corporate Professional, Participant in last year’s Challenge in April 2021

“I saw the post from someone on twitter about the challenge and Its something I needed . I had 2 surgical procedures 3 months apart due to Endometriosis. That really affected my self confidence and caused me so much anxiety. Attending the sessions helped me so much that I challenged myself to approach someone who will help me with the business idea I had but was scared to start. I have definitely told my friends about Telana.”
– Ntombi, Electrical Engineering Industry, Participant in last year’s Challenge in April 2021

“This has changed my view of who I am in relation to other people and the world.  It has taught me to be more comfortable when around other people and that they are not “better” than me.  We are all equal and I can express and experience life in all its challenges and I need to “be” and I am!” – anonymous

“Understanding these ideas and concepts has made everyday life so much better” – P.J.

“The theory was explained in a way that I could understand and really grasp.” – Liz Allen

“I am happy and looking forward to my new journey. Thank you” – Alice, Personal Assistant


Join the Challenge

In this free live training held over 5 days we will learn the mindset for how to consciously shine and not fear the spotlight!  This is the quickest single thing you can do to overcome self consciousness and speak up like a boss, especially at work.

Join me for this fun journey, and enjoy:

  • 5 live training sessions
  • Action workbook
  • Community of like-minded courage-seekers for accountability, support and enCOURAGEment – in the private Challenge Facebook group, and
  • a mindset shift worth keeping!


A challenge means I will be challenging you to grown AND to take action!

Every day, you will have a task to help you implement what you learn.  For accountability, you are encouraged to share back in the private Facebook group around your daily tasks.

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Because to overcome your self consciousness, you need to practice and do differently!  And with the right mindset (which I will be teaching you) this doing is so much easier.

So to celebrate and assist in your growth, and for accountability, I’ll be giving away prizes to those who participate.

Daily live trainings

Each evening I will go live and share a 20 to 30 minute training with you.  And then you will have a short task to do each day, which you can share with us in the private Facebook Group for input, feedback and encouragement.


So block your calendar to join the challenge:

  • Starting Monday 8th May 2023
  • Training: 19h00 South Africa (SAST) / (18h00 UK)

Find your time in your city, with this time zone meeting planner.


Become more courageous and speak up at work!
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