Written by Telana Simpson

Listening to Echkart Tolle speak about how consciousness is transmitted, reminded me about why I am so selective of what news I listen to and which newspapers I read, if I read them at all.

Consciousness is catchy. And to add to this fact, our brains follow directions.

Think about it this way: if you feed your stomach something harmful, it throws it back up. Your stomach has quality control mechanisms that will literally expel anything that is toxic. Your brain doesn’t though. What ever you “feed” your brain, it just takes it in and follows those directions you (or the media) give it.

It’s similar to how a movie works: your brain, being the movie director, will take the little bit of information you present to it and re-present this in your mental cinema- as the movie in your mind.

The quality of our lives is very much dependent on the quality of the information that we give our brains to process. Thus it is important to ask yourself questions like-

  • “What directions am I giving my brain?”
  • “What are the default instructions that I’ve learnt to give my brain, my movie editor?”
  • “Are these instructions and directions useful, empowering, healthy, valuable? Do they create a world class movie?”

As Dr Michael Hall says:

“Brains use words, pictures, sounds, tones, volumes, smells, tastes, all kinds of things as the basis for swishing us places. Mention a word and off your brain goes. But where? It depends on your learning history, experiences, memories, imaginations, hopes, etc. Brains are phenomenal at linking things. They do so very, very quickly. Actually, this is one of the chief problems we have with our brains. The problem is not that they don’t learn, but that they learn too quickly. It’s just what they learn that often times is just not true or useful.”

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So it’s important then that we quality control our brains instructions. We need to take charge of this and feed our brains harmless ideas, empowering thoughts, encouraging beliefs, rational conclusions, and accurate mapping, because it “doesn’t know any better than to represent it, assume it is real, and then believe it”.

Following from what we believe, we then experience a state (made up of our mind, body and emotion) that contributes to our consciousness. And it is often our states and consciousness that is contagious, and influences our environments and those around us. And they in turn influence us too.

Thus a key starting point to us experiencing a better quality of life, is to quality control the directions we give our brains- and that is one of the few things we have within our control.

To you transmitting an empowering consciousness,

Reference: Brain 101: How to Play the Brain Game for Fun and Profit By Michael Hall, Ph.D. Get a copy of this article at the relevant training.

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