When working through a coaching programme, with Telana, your coach at Inner Coaching, you can expect to be supported and challenged:

  • To be set up to succeed, and held accountable to reach your outcomes.
  • To experience positive changes that will last long after the coaching ends.
  • To feel safe, supported, and challenged just enough to achieve the results you want.
  • To find direction and focus, and feel inspired from within, and that you are living on purpose, not flittering about as the wind blows.
  • To learn practical skills and how to run your own brain, giving you more choice in moments of difficulty, and having the practical tools to use and apply to keep moving forward after the coaching ends.
  • To develop flexibility with your thinking styles, such that you will explore all aspects of your thinking, for greater understanding of yourself and how your mind works.
  • To learn to not be reliant on your coach, but independent of him/her and to manage your own ongoing development.
  • To work on what is within your control, starting from where you are right now, with what you have within your reach to use, such that what you work on becomes a real and sustainable change to empower you.
  • We will assist you to find and create your own solutions. You will work on your own personal vision, values and your own agenda, not being told what to do, but realising it for yourself, so you own it and integrate it faster. You will co-create your own solutions and strategies: you will be in the driver’s seat with a highly skilled and experienced navigator sitting next to you, supporting you, believing in you and your abilities.
  • You will know when you have achieved what you wanted to, and can celebrate your progress, because we measure your results.
  • It will be tailored to your own individual needs, and is a holistic approach in that it covers all aspects of your work and life, so that you maintain balance.
  • You’ll be asked questions you’ve never been asked before, and learn new things about yourself that will be useful and practical, to find solutions and strategies that work for you.

So are you ready?

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