Here in a series of short video’s, I share 5 of my top tips on how to overcome performance anxiety.

The anxiety about performance can effect some of us seriously for weeks before the date we need to perform.  And by perform, we are referring to examples like giving a presentation, doing some sort of public speaking, or a race date for sports.

Some experience it as panic attacks, anxiety which is pretty much constant, trouble sleeping, and upset stomachs. Other have it at the moment of having to perform, and experience freezing or forgetting what you need to say, going blank and shutting down, sweating or blushing uncontrollably, or having rashes appear on their neck and face.

What evokes performance anxiety in you? And how do you experience it?

Here are my 5 tips to help turn this around, so you can show up and perform confidently, to the best of your ability:

Tip 1 – Change the meaning

Do you suffer from performance anxiety? I have 5 tips for you to try. Here’s Tip 1 about the meaning you give to performance. Change it to a more useful one. 

Tip 2 –

If you can’t sleep because of anxiety about an upcoming presentation then consider this tip about delinking your self esteem from your performance.

Tip 3 – Practice and prepare to grow confidence

Feeling unconfident about that upcoming presentation?  Tip 3 is that you need to prepare and practice to grow your confidence. Confidence only comes from doing.  So prep, and you will grow your confidence in public speaking and speak up like a boss

Tip 4 – Become more comfortable with uncomfortableness

Tip 4 is that you need to learn to be comfortable with a degree of uncomfortableness!  Emotions that are uncomfortable have powerful messages for us, like nervousness of public speaking just means we need to prepare, and the energy of the nerves gives us the power and motivation to practice.

Tip 5 – Turn the spotlight off of you

Tip 5 to overcome performance anxiety is to stop putting your focus on the audience and what you think they might be judging you about.  This leads to negative self consciousness. Rather turn the spotlight off you and onto your message, and you will start developing stronger public speaking #skills.  Join my upcoming 5 day free challenge to learn how!


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