#FFF and Friday Funnies!

Misunderstandings can be quite funny, or quite dire! Like in this clip of a funny advert:

And in this story from my school days, which took me a few years to work out that what might have actually got communicated.

It was at a party when I was in high school, and quite inexperienced with boys and the whole dating thing. I was asked for a dance by a guy I quite fancied, and I thought all was going quite (awkwardly) well.

Until after the dance, when he asked “would you like to go outside?” Well that was what I thought I heard.

It was a freezing cold winter’s night, so I said no thanks. He got in a huff and walked off… and I was left quite confused, and didn’t hear from him again.

It was only later that it dawned on me that he might have said “Would you like to go out with me?”

Oh hindsight! If I had had some more experience with misunderstandings and the complexity of communication, I might have followed up with him that night clarifying that I was just not a fan of the cold weather, but was definitely a fan of him!

Nowadays I find the courage to clarify, as quick as I can.

Q: Any moments from your past, where you learnt more about how easily we can be misunderstood, and wish you could go back and try clear things up? #FFF

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