Growth vs. Safety Needs

I recently came across an insightful paper by Nelson Goud about courage, and his definition is a useful one too for us to explore in our quest for being more courageous.

His definition is:

“Courage is the energising catalyst for choosing growth over safety needs.”

We all are inclined towards growth. It’s a drive toward realising our true self, a tendency that is forward moving. It is one that urges us to expand, to develop, to mature.

Yet at the same time, we have an urge towards safety. This impulse for keeping safe makes us defensive out of fear. We can regress, move backward, cling to the past, and stay afraid of losing what we might have gained. We are thus more reluctant to take chances and so we avoid risks.

Courage is what sparks us to choose to grow, despite our safety needs.

Q: Where do you need a catalyst to help you grow this week?