So daydream
It’s your life that you’re making
It ain’t big enough if it doesn’t scare the hell out of you
If it makes you nervous
It’s probably worth it
Why save it for sleep when you could be living your daydream?
– Lily Meola

It takes courage to live our daydream, as Meola calls it.  I think she means living true to ourselves.

This could mean moving into a career that we choose and enjoy (rather than the one that others want us to do) or standing in our truth (even if it makes others uncomfortable) and speaking up when it matters most.

It could also mean taking that calculated risk of moving job, home or country, or going for that dream vacation or pushing the bar in our favourite sport or pastime.

It could be creating that book we want to write, or art we want to make, or just telling someone how we feel.

Living our daydream is living courageously.  It takes courage to show up fully and go for those opportunities that make our lives better.  We must face our fears of change, of now knowing, of not feeling enough, and of what we think others will say about us.

And it’s courageous especially in todays rat-race of daily life, to make the effort to live more intentionally and do things we really want to do.  It even takes courage to be truthful with ourselves about what we really, really want.

Living our daydream is intentional.  It is driven by us as the choice is ultimately ours.  We can choose how and where we show up and we share our life forces, that is our physical energy, mental capabilities, emotional enthusiasm and our presence.

Or we can also just keep going with the flow, hoping to keep our heads above water, doing the same thing we keep doing wishing it will change somehow, but settling for the same old same old, just because we don’t know how to change it, or can’t seem to muster up the energy or courage to take a different step.

Use this reflective energy of the start of the year to take a moment and be bravely honest with yourself:

Where are you showing up in life currently?
And is it where you want to be?

May this be your year that you do something courageous about your life. Listen to Lily Meola’s words in her song below to inspire you!

Living your daydream is about creating your life, and feeling good about yourself and how you handle what life throws at you.  We are the ones to make it happen.  May this be a year you take some brave steps towards the life you really want.


If you are like me, and most of us, we are more likely to make the time to do this kind of deep reflection about what we want in life, about what our daydream is, if we have some sort of accountability structure in place.

So how about joining me for a 5 day process to get clear on your daydream for 2023?

Over at Bravery School I’m offering this free challenge called ‘one courageous goal for 2023’  again after the success last year’s attendees had with it.  I even achieved by December my one courageous goal for onematchstick that I set for myself!

Register now here, for free, and join me for this fun way of tapping into your intentionality and drive, so that you can enhance your courage not only when you need it most in 2023, but also to start living your daydream!