Here’s a summary of what I’m offering online:

  • Ready to Shine SESSION

This 1.5 hour readiness session will help you to explore what suits you best and if you are ready for coaching with me.

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  • [be brave] COACHING

The most popular coaching journey to explore with me, is my [be brave] programme.

This self development journey of 14 hours over 3 month, will help you be brave enough to shine and live a life you love.  The programme is tailored to your needs, and jam packed with resources, tips and new interpersonal skills.

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  • Courageous Goal MASTER MIND Group

Spend the year in a supportive Mastermind with like minded people, facilitated by me, where we are all working towards achieving our courageous gaols for 2024!

START DATE: February 7th 2024

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  • [be bold] Accountability Programme

This unique email accountability programme will keep you on track, one week at a time, to reach your goals towards living, loving, and leading more courageously this year. You get one email from me each Friday, and all you do is spend 10 minutes replying and being held accountable to do what you say you want to do, towards your goals!

START DATE: February 2024

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  • Consciously Shine EBOOK

My e-book of 40 pages explaining the quickest single thing you can do to overcome self consciousness and speak up and shine, especially at work.

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  • Overcome Self Consciousness online course

The essential guide to develop True Self Esteem to overcome self consciousness and the fear of being judged, especially at work.

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  • Bravery School

Join my Bravery School – Group Training & Coaching Membership Level – for a small monthly fee, and enjoy cultivating your courage to live courageously.

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  • Check-in Chats COACHING

For this challenging time we find ourselves in, you might have the need for carving out some private time to unpack what you are experiencing, even to off-load, and then to regroup yourself to tackle the next few days.  These unique check-in chats can be half an hour, to 2 hour breakthrough sessions.  We set them up as you need them, or can create some structure and have a set weekly or bi-weekly schedule – so highly tailored to your needs. If you need to have a safe, confidential and judgement free space to reflect and regroup during lockdown, a check-in chat will suit you.

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Contact me to explore which online offering option will suit you best, or to book some time with me. I look forward to hearing from you!