Become Risk-Fit | MASTERCLASS

Date: Tuesday 4 April 2023
Time: 19h00 to 20h30
Venue: Bravery School – ONLINE via Zoom
Investment: R590
or become a member of Bravery School for just R490pm

Tired of fearing that you might fail so you don’t take any risks?

Our fear and anxiety can be so overwhelming that we can’t take any action. We freeze or flee.   We don’t take a stand when we know we should, and then feel the guilt, regret, and that feeling of inadequacy and failure of our integrity.

If you could improve your risk “fitness”, would that be useful?

It’s a type of fitness that I have developed which has helped me try new things in my business (including getting in front of the camera, and on stages), take on new recreational activities, and speaking up when I really needed to.

Becoming risk-fit means that you have the mindset and the strength, stamina, and agility to take on risks – be they emotional, moral, mental or physical.

There is a way of approaching risks with courage, so that you go for the opportunities you want to go for.  It involves learning about key aspects of the Bravery Mindset, including comfort zones, confident action taking and fear management.

And in our risk-fitness class, we are going to learn how to use these key aspects in our own lives.

If it is time to manage your fear and become tougher when it comes to taking those opportunities that appear risky, with a good amount of confidence, fortitude and discipline, then join me and keep growing your courage in our “Become Risk-Fit” Masterclass on the 4th April.


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