Courage comes in all shapes and sizes.  Just like us.

It can be categorised into two main types:

  • Heroic Courage and
  • Everyday Courage.

Heroic courage is usually summoned when we face extreme danger.  It’s when there is a life and death moment, and the way to survive or rescue someone else, is to face the risk with the courage that gets us out of danger.  It’s often a very physical type of courage, where our physical strength, resilience and awareness kicks in at a high level.

Everyday courage on the other hand is less about our physical safety, and more about smaller challenges. The risks we face everyday are more often of the mental and emotional type. We thus find courage to say something at the risk of being socially excluded. Or we step up to lead others, with the risk of not being followed.  Or we do the right thing at the risk of others disapproving of us.

What are some other examples of the everyday courage that you have seen in others? Or experienced yourself?  Where do you see in your day ahead, that you might have a courageous moment?

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