Purpose Driven Courage |
2 Part Workshop

Dates: Part 1 on Tuesday 5 October & Part 2 on Wednesday 13 October 2021

Time: 19h00  to 20h30
Venue: Bravery School – ONLINE via Zoom
Investment: R449.99
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Courage is not just about acting in the face of fear.  There is an element of choice in the act.

It is a choice related to a higher purpose– some reason that compels us to overcome our need for safety and face the fear that is triggered by the risk or challenge.

When we value something beyond our own self-interests, we have a bigger intention or higher purpose for doing something.  The more worthy and valued the goal, the more we are willing to face the fear and the more determined we are to take the appropriate actions.

Thus if we want to learn to be more courageous in our lives, we need to learn how to tap into this significant resource of purpose.  We need to know our higher purpose, and our intentions in being courageous, and then we will find the courage there ready for us to take appropriate actions towards our goals.

Join us in a workshop to uncover your purpose, and tap into this drive so that you can enhance your courage when you need it most.


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