I have written a guide recently, based on the tip’s I’ve been sharing in my Courage Circle Facebook group, and I wanted it to be effective in getting the message across.

So, I rustled up some courage and asked for help with editing and proof reading it. I got so many responses which has been so encouraging!

The courage was to firstly put myself out there and ask for help. And then secondly to prepare for receiving the actual criticism on my creation.

What helped was believing in the goodness of people. They are so willing to help when they can.

I also believe that the only way to improve this piece of content I created is to get more eyeballs going through it with a fine-tooth comb.

The diversity of people from all over the world who are giving me input has helped tremendously. They have picked up so many things, from a bad writing habit I have which can make my sentences long and clunky (and so more difficult to understand), to the typos and formatting errors.

I am amazed how there are a few typos that most people pick up, but mostly each person has noticed something different that the others didn’t see! All this feedback can only improve the final product.

What has also helped was that I was specific in asking for the type of feedback I wanted. I wasn’t looking for the general “it’s lovely” response. I was looking for the critical details that would make an average document into an excellent one.

  • Specific feedback around the criteria you want input on is more useful than general comments.
  • Ask for help. People will amaze you with their generosity and careful input.
  • Diversity in input is the gold of feedback.

Q: What can you ask for feedback on today?

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