Dear fellow courageous friend,

I’m stepping into my courage to share a courageous expression with you.

These are tough times- there is a lot of death and illness around us, and uncertainty, and loss.  Life is kicking many of us from all directions, and with the lockdown situations, we are forced out of normal life and comfort zones.

I have valued this slower pace in ways, spending some of this time with myself and close loved ones. It has helped me to connect with some, and disconnect from others.  I have had to put some projects down, and pick up some new ideas to see if they will run.

I have also had some tough moments, as have you, I am sure.  What we are facing is personal, and so we come face to face with conversations with loved ones and colleagues. These discussions (or disagreements?) are difficult, deep and important.

Courage is so vital now.  Courage to get up and do what needs to be done for the children, for our families, for ourselves.  With our relationships (which we all value more than ever, I’m sure), we need more courageous conversations.  And also resilience – especially emotional resilience-  is a life skill that is getting it’s fair share of practice time now.

Mixit helping me take a moment to rest and play, sitting on our front steps

I am finding it hard, and tiring.  What is helping me get through are the skills and mindsets I have entrenched in myself over the last decade. And my dogs. ;)

I have done some deep work over the years, and am still challenged to go deeper today.  I have learnt the value of the principles behind courageous conversations, as they have stood the test of time as I have been faced with some of the most difficult conversations I have had, with those closest to me during these lockdowns. These principles have turned those difficult disagreements into courageous moments and opportunities for connection and understanding.

And my deepest desire when it comes to what I can offer others, is that they experience, as well, the inner strength and confidence to have more of the courageous conversations they need to have.

So I have stopped dreaming about Bravery School, and put it into action.  I have distilled what seems to now be an unconscious pattern of mindsets and skills and knowledge in me, that leads so many to tell me so often how brave I am.  And I have structured this into the smaller segments that add up to the 35 ways to live more courageously, packaged in the courses, masterclasses and trainings of Bravery School.

My first offering is next Wednesday – the Confidence Mindset masterclass.  Please consider giving yourself just 90 minutes to do a deep dive with me into the underlying structure of one of the most useful mindsets we can create for ourselves.

Thank you.

Be brave,