A Case Statement for how the 
[be brave] Coaching Programme will help Self Conscious Professionals to Shine:

Your self-consciousness is holding you back and you don’t know what to do about it.  You find that you are missing out on career opportunities because the people who make the decisions don’t notice you.

You procrastinate so much that you don’t achieve your personal goals, if you even set any exciting ones.  You’d rather play it safe and not take any risks, but here you are now, stagnating and not learning or growing and missing out on the exciting projects and promotions.

Your career is not advancing because you let others do the presentations of your ideas that you spent hours preparing, and you turn down opportunities to talk up or present at meetings, finding it too uncomfortable to speak up, let alone stand up, in front of others.

You work hard and long hours at work yet are not recognized or even known for your contribution.  You’re overly emotional at times, finding you are tearful, shutdown, withdraw or blow up and this feels uncontrollable and is so unprofessional.

You have few friends, and even find it a challenge to find someone to have an intimate relationship with.

What’s contributing to you being here in the first place:

You don’t speak up.  You find that you are quiet even when you have an opinion to share.  You shy away from conflict and confrontation, and take things personally, especially any slight criticism.  You might even blush easily, and hate having the limelight on you – being the focus of attention is awful! So you tend to stay in the background.

You often take on too much work because you feel a need to show your value and you don’t know how or when to say no, and so you have no balance in your life.  You often defer making decisions, either letting others decide for you or putting off decisions as long as possible.  You procrastinate or turn down opportunities because you fear failing. You find people, especially in groups intimidating.  And with all of this, you find that you are over emotional, often in tears or extremely anxious, especially at times when you need to shine and work under pressure.  Instead, you tend to crumble in an emotional mess.

And because of the uncomfortableness, blushing, or being emotional, you want to just shy away even more.   It’s like a vicious cycle.

If things were different:

Imagine your life where you get the promotion, raise or project you really want, because you were noticed and heard.  Your job has changed and you are doing what you really want to do.  You experience more balance and have time to play, rest and socialize without guilt as you still meet all your work deadlines.  And your relationship prospects have improved.

You speak up more, and volunteer to do the presentations, building your personal brand at work and improving relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers.  You are known and seen and heard, and achieve all of this without feeling overwhelmed, stressed or panicky.

Rather, you feel confident and grounded, and secure in yourself and your abilities.  You are able to put boundaries in place, give criticism that builds people, express your needs in a constructive way, ask for help and requests of others when needed.  You even receive criticism eagerly as useful feedback and grow from it.

You know where you are going in your career and life, with a clear, exciting direction mapped out, living with a sense of purpose and intentionality, and feeling in control of your life.

You’ve moved from self conscious to self confident.  And it feels natural and comfortable.

A path to follow:

Telana has been there, and broke that vicious cycle, and so can you.  The [be brave] learning journey is a 3 month programme where you’ll be coached by Telana for 6 sessions.  This structure will assist you in making the changes in a safe environment with lots of know-how, tools, support and encouragement.

You’ll work on building your self esteem to be robust and strong, and will gain emotional intelligence and master your emotions to help you navigate through your life.  You’ll know your goals and how to achieve them, and get over what’s holding you back from being relaxed as you speak up for yourself and express freely and confidently.

First Step:

Meet Telana for a Readiness Session to check if you are ready for coaching with her, and if she is the right coach for you.

[DOWNLOAD] PDF of this Case Statement for Self Conscious Professionals