A Case Statement for how the Live Communication Coaching will help Executives to Shine:

The World today is competitive. Change is happening fast and often, leaving much room for uncertainty.  The economy is slow, adding extra strain.  As an Executive you need to navigate this world and shine in it.

And the challenges you face are many.  In the uncertainty you need to provide inspiring leadership.  You need to execute and help employees understand new strategies.  You need to drive higher levels of employee engagement.  You need to develop leadership and manager competencies.  You need to manage internal relationships and influence your colleagues and the Board.  You need to plan your succession and develop candidates.  You need to manage your workload and priorities efficiently.  And if you find some work/life balance in this age of always on, always available, you’re one of the lucky ones.

So much of what you do requires strong people skills and clear communication.  You’re capable at doing your presentations, and get along with people pretty well.  There are just those few times when, despite your best intentions and efforts, you just don’t seem to make headway with certain relationships.

And when it comes to the touchy-feely stuff, your input either doesn’t get the desired change in behavior or it turns into a gushy emotional mess, which you’d rather avoid.

It can be lonely at the top and you can lack honest and straightforward feedback about how you are doing at managing the challenges of an executive role.

Who is there to give you truthful input on your style of relating to your colleagues, that might be hindering employee engagement?  And to take an objective perspective to notice where your gaps are in your ability to get your message across in your corporate presentations, town hall and Q&A meetings, or roundtables with key managers?

We are so close to – even blind to – our communication styles and how we relate to others that we think we are coming across a certain way, when actually others are experiencing us a totally different, and not always optimal, way.  And then we wonder why we can’t get through to them, or build the relationship.

Figuring out how to have the tough talks and the conversations that count, such that they build bridges and open people up to become more productive and loyal to the organization, is a skill that can be fine tuned.

Imagine getting skillful and quality feedback that is not someone’s opinion, but rather pure sensory specific information that will give you more awareness. Reinforcing your strengths will help you to focus more on what is working well with how you communicate and relate to others.

And identifying areas of growth will lead you to have more choice about how to adjust or fine tune the way you communicate and relate, with in the relevant context, to get the results you need.

Imagine having personalized attention on your development, right at your office and during your day to day life, so you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to develop your leadership competencies.

Having a Communication Coach shadow you for a period of time will create fast change that sticks.  Your coach will observe how you engage staff, interact with managers, chair meetings, delegate tasks, set boundaries, give performance appraisals, do presentations and relate to people in general.  And then you’ll get the quality feedback almost immediately, and in confidence, that will help you make the adjustments needed.  Because it is real-time learning, you then get to test out and practice straight away the changes you want to make.

A path to follow

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