A Case Statement for how the 
[be brave] Coaching Programme will help Personal Assistants to Shine:

The stress is too much.  You’ve got deadlines looming, people calling for information, your boss is shouting at you because of the poor service from a supplier, the receptionist is sick, there’s no milk for coffee, people are whispering and avoiding you, and you’re so emotional you can’t think straight. Things at home are not much better: you disagree with your partner on an important issue and so have withdrawn.  The tension is unbearable! And to top it off, you can’t stop crying in the office.  How unprofessional!

If you could just get it together, you’d be fine.  You’re good at what you do, and work hard to please everyone.  Your performance appraisals are excellent, except for comments about being too emotional at work.

Things were not always like this.  Something happened and now it’s like you lost your grip on your life- and your emotions in particular.  They just have a life of their own and take over.  And it’s worse when you’re stressed.

If someone challenges you or criticizes your work, your day is ruined. Sometimes even your week because you just can’t seem to shake it.  And things at home seem to bleed into work, and you don’t know how to keep them separate.  If only you could find a way to talk to your partner instead of shutting down, so that you could feel heard and understood, and resolve the arguments quicker.

And although you know you need to confront some people at work too, you find yourself doing everything but having the difficult conversations, and that’s not helping matters.  And if people would only do their own work and stop asking and expecting you to do it for them!  You’re the CEO’s PA, not theirs after all!

Imagine if things change for the better.

Imagine if you found your way to manage your emotions and they became your assets, to use constructively and be expressed professionally and with control.

What if you learnt the art of positive confrontation? You would not only have the conversations that matter to resolve issues, but you’d also catch them in the bud more often.  You would be able to put healthy boundaries in place and not take on other peoples work, but rather help them become better at what they do.  And your relationships would improve from this, making it more comfortable and enjoyable to be at work.

If things were different you would handle the stressful times professionally.  Although still stressful due to the nature of the pressure, you would be less emotional in those times and manage the challenges at hand with more grace and efficiency.

You and your partner would finally be talking – really talking – and things would have shifted forward.  You might still have your disagreements, but now you would have a way to work through them and would come out stronger and closer from having discussed the issues and been heard.

Things would be even better than they used to be before you got so emotional – if only you had access to these new resources and ways of thinking about conflict earlier in your career!

However, if you had them now, your future would be looking bright again and you would have found your confident groove!  You’d have got your mojo back and others would be noticing too!

This is all very possible.  You have all the resources you need to control your emotions and speak up for yourself in a caring and constructive way – you just need to access them and learn how to apply them in challenging times.

With Telana as your Personal Coach through the 3 month [be brave] learning journey, you will learn and apply the foundational building blocks to a strong and healthy esteem, for improved emotional intelligence and to setting boundaries that will develop your ability to communicate and relate with others.

This structure of the 6 private coaching sessions will assist you in making the changes in a safe environment with lots of know-how, tools, support and encouragement.

First Step:

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[DOWNLOAD] PDF of this Case Statement for highly emotional Personal Assistants